Specialised feed for broodstock

September 24 2018

EFICO Genio 991 - Taking care of your most valuable fish with BioMar's broodstock feed for trout, arctic char and pike perch

In fish farming, the broodstock are the most valuable fish and EFICO Genio 991 takes care of them. The optimized formulation contains increased amounts of immunomodulating ingredients which support the maturing fish, and contributes to the highest quality fry of the next generation.

The feed covers the specific nutritional needs of broodstock from maturation of the gonads to post-spawning, with an optimized digestible energy level as well as enhanced fatty acid and amino acid profiles for vitellogenesis.

The innovative health stimulating ingredients, Bactocell®* and B-WYSETM**, together with elevated vitamin and mineral levels, help promote good condition and survival of the broodstock.

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* Bactocell® is the only probiotic approved by the European Commission for inclusion in fish feed. The approval is based on extensive documentation of reduced occurrence of deformities across fish species.
** B-WYSE™ (BioMar Whole Yeast Synergistic Extracts) is a functional yeast-based additive developed by BioMar's partner Lallemand Animal Nutrition.